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Ratman Pictures

A Big Bowl of Nothing

Hello LJ
Sorry I left you for Twitter. We had a lot of laughs, but we've moved on with our lives.

Well I fucked up Halloween
I just couldn't get in the spirit.

I'll certainly get some stuff ready for the Christmas stuff. I just got my hands onto a copy of A Family Circus Christmas and I should have a lot of fun with that.

Halloween Is Coming
Fall is almost here and with it comes Halloween. That special time of year when you can run around in costumes, besides conventions/your own home/the streets of Gotham City. Ghosts, non-sparkly vampires, and zombies are the norm and the fake blood flows like booze in an alcoholic's dreams.

So hopefully the first video will be up next week.

The way I used to do reviews is now dead. Instead I will begin to post video reviews. The first, a pilot episode, is coming soon. I'm currently filming segments for it.

Content Coming Soon
I promise. I might even subject myself to Twilight.

Coolest Thing Ever...

I have a dream!
One that will cost a ton of money and will probably drive me over the line to madness. But that dream is to make Stormtrooper armor. Why? Because it's fucking cool.

Also some reviews coming up, maybe some of which are actual videos.

Coming Soon...
I'm switching to recording videos for my reviews. It should be an interesting experiment and we'll see how it turns out.

Also please watch Dollhouse on Friday night. It airs on Fox at 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Every once in a great while a complete dog shit movie is released, this is one of those films. Read more...Collapse )

M-O-O-N, that spells The Stand, in Twitter form
Several people are twittering as characters from Stephen King's The Stand.

The most prolific so far are Mother Abigail and Randall Flagg.

There are a bunch more, just look up your favorite character, odds are they're up.

This is the kind of stuff that amuses me.